Sunday, March 11, 2018

Best Way to Film a Bigfoot

Here's another video that Thinker Thunker has dubbed authentic. That makes a 100% average? Is this the best way to film a bigfoot?


  1. When my dog was alive, he was my sasquatch warning system. When they were around he either came right beside me or would run and hide under the truck. The camera on a dog is not a bad idea during daylight and is probably worth a try.

  2. It's one thing to hoax a bigfoot sighting, but making your dog an accessory to the crime? That's just low.

  3. This isn't authentic. This is another joke hoax. It looks like the Independence day costume is being re-purposed, because of the exact same bottom of coat edge above the butt, IS CLEAR AS DAY. Also, the stove pipe lower pant leg is quite obvious, just like in the Independence Day footage. The common theme about all the hoaxes, is that the costumed hoaxer is either walking right to left or left to right, across the scene. In reality, Bigfoot hide behind trees, remain invisible, and/or leave on a pathway directly away from the human intruder. Notice that there isn't any footage leading up to the dog walking down the middle of the path. That is because the dog was held by it's owner, until someone shouted "ACTION". Dogs zigzag all over the place, when they are left loose in the woods, because there are so many things to sniff. But this dog neither zigzags, nor sniffs. Which means that it is ON A LEASH. Notice also that there is also no sound. That is because you would know for a fact that it was a hoax, if it had sound. A BFRO favorite, the Memorial Day footage didn't have any sound either, because the person holding the camera was talking about all the money that they were going to make, and they named the dude in the suit too. GoPros have a microphone. But there is no sound. The evidence is over whelming that this is a hoax. Thinker Thunker is not thinking very hard on this one, just like with his Yellowstone Bigfoot commentary of hikers on snowshoes.