Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Butterfly People

From the Supernaturalist Channel:

On Sunday, May, 22, 2011 and F-5 tornado ravaged the town of Joplin. 158 people lost their lives, 1,150 people were injured, and their town was in ruins. Whole neighborhoods were gone, department stores, businesses- the tornado reached a maximum width of 1.6 km and laid waste to 2.8 billion dollars worth of damage.

The tornado lasted 38 minutes once the storm disippated the people of Joplin scrambled to find their loved ones, tried to salvage whatever they could from the wreckage that was once their homes, shock gripped them, but so did hope.

Children all over Joplin were talking about the “Butterfly People” beautiful humanoid creatures with butterfly wings that not only protected them but also ushered those that didn’t survive up into sky.

Another little boy was found out in a shield by a sheriff six miles from his home. The sheriff checked him and he was perfectly fine, not a single scratch on him. He learned that the little boy lived in an area of the town that was hit the hardest. When asked how he got in the field he told the officer, “The angels brought me and set me down here.”

Every time someone would tell of their unexplainable survival they would also describe the entities as butterflies. Butterfly people helping people around them, shielding them from harm, carrying people through the sky, interveining when all hope was lost. One little boy named Eli was blown out of his hiding spot, his parents found him outside of the wreckage that used to be their home, wrapped up like a burrito in a green rug. They have no idea where the rug came from or how he got into it. He said the butterfly people put him there.