M.K. Davis Shows Patterson Creature Carrying Something

M.K. Davis is using a new processing method that he claims shows Patty is holding a heavy object. What is she carrying? Have a look.


  1. Wow !

    I sure trigger d the childish troll on the last thread

    He easy

  2. Over the years MK had deluded a litany of items in the film, that never were there. This includes, a fresh bullet wound, lips, a braid, a stick in her left hand, and internal hemorrhoids. Now, he claims that there is something like a white bowling ball in her left hand. If you examine MK's other stabilized video, you will amazingly, see no white bowling ball. Why? Because MK is an expert at video and photo contamination through color and contrast manipulation, and Photoshop. Consequently, you can be assured that there is no white bowling ball like object in Patty's left hand. I thank you for (wasting) your time.

  3. MK Davis lost me years ago when he suggested that bigfoot may wear ponchos.


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