Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mission: Bigfoot

Tim Fasano is on a mission. Fasano sets out for a trek along a river in Florida, looking for signs of bigfoot, and finds something "amazing".


  1. Berry Boy Joetomi has a new hero in Steve Str***fert who apparently has a “great blog.”

    Well, here is what Mr. Str*** fert has said about bigfoot on that “great blog”:

    “Could it be that Bigfoot just isn’t real? I have already acknowledged this as a distinct possibility, in fact a probability. I’d rather it were otherwise, but the case for Bigfoot just isn’t looking strong to me these days. Bigfoot seems to be a modern urban legend, based upon old mythologies, a living legend, so to speak, in the minds of people.”

    Ikdummy’s new hero! Ha ha ha ha!

    1. SS describes himself as a “Bigfoot agnostic”. His opinion is respected because knowledge commands respect. He’s also a gentleman and extremely approachable. Plenty of people don’t believe in “Bigfoot”... But when someone like SS destroys JREF mythology, they’re cool with me.

      : )

    2. Actually... an “agnostic skeptic”.