Frightening Encounters & Sightings of Real Sasquatch

From NvTv on youtube, a bigfoot documentary - 
Frightening Encounters & Sightings of "Real Sasquatch/Bigfoot"


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    1. If it's about bigfoot it's crap.


    2. I’ve never seen someone fuss, worry & whine so much about mere “crap” before.

  2. Did you ever notice that there is still no proof that causes science to accept the existence of bigfoot? That's because bigfoot is folklore.

    People have been searching for bigfoot for over 50 years. If there were thousands of 8-10 feet tall 800 lb primates walking around North America, their existence would be proven by now and accepted by science.

    People love a mystery. And bigfoot is not only a mystery but it's also a multi-million dollar industry. As long as money can be made, bigfoot will continue to "exist."

    1. Proof is a body. There is as of yet no body, because not only do we know how that even the most primitive hominids were able to look after their remains, but there has not been a sufficient study to source a body. One cannot claim that something does not exist, if there is not an adequate effort to look for it. That is a negative proof fallacy (a logical fallacy). An example of how difficult a job it might be, is Katy Gonder PhD, Biological Anthropologist, had been tracking and studying a group of chimpanzees in the wild for 20 years... In that time she'd only actually had "very fleeting glimpses" of them about 10 times. And that’s a primate that a team of professionals knew how to track.

      People have been searching for “Bigfoot” for over 50 years. And for the efforts of largely amateur researchers, there is 50 years worth of physical evidence to which we can point to average weight & height ratios of a breeding population, as well Gaussian Distribution. Some of this evidence is also now peer reviewed and has a scientific consensus behind it. Rhetorically demanding proof when the creature you're crying about is already shown to exist in the physical evidence it leaves, is futile.

      The only genuine mystery left is how to track them and how they maintain their dead. “Bigfoot” is multi-million dollar industry... propelled by how many mystery lovers? Bearing in mind, the amount of people hoaxing and lying is now considerably shaved due to an “overwhelming majority misidentifying”.


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