Friday, February 2, 2018

Bigfoot in the Country

Check out thsi great episode of Monster Quest about bigfoot in rural America.


  1. Trey Howdy for FBI Director


  2. I seen one on Thursday night at Barona. Me and my Pop Pop was leaving the casino after we done eating at the buffay and saw one digging in the dumpster. We thought it was a bear til it lowered the lid and it looked just like what you hear about like a giant mokie with a man face. I didnt know it was so wide I heard it was tall and it was but it was also wide. he was covered in old lettuce and wrappers so my Pop Pop yelled hey trash ape and tahts when he run off. I don't care if no one believes me.

    1. If Swamp Dweller retells your tale than I know it's true. He only has TRUE scary stories on his site.