Wildman Creatures from the UK

From the British Bigfoot Reports: 

Growing up in in the UK you get used to tales of the wee folk, the trolls and pixies, the Fae and in Lancashire we have the Boggart, often described as small and hairy and a horrible appearance, blamed for many a missing horse blanket or milk from a step. Here are some of the tales of the wee folk I have come across whist researching our forest friends.


  1. Oh YES...I do so like a man to be wild with me...using my bottom as his joy-toy is so rewarding to both of us,


    1. yeah we used to grow up with stories of trolls. At the time i didn't believe it but now that i've seen this fake Joe tosser troll I know what they were talking about. He's also a we folk too but that is more about his plumbing which comes in micro version.
      You lads started off as a colony of us and now you're eating tide pods ! bloody hell, you've gone downhill !!!!


    2. troll cannibalism, typical

    3. Jow no longer believes in childish trolls but has taken to the hairy-man of the woods version of fantasy.

      hahah hahah hahahahahaha


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