Monday, January 29, 2018

The Adventures of Skunk Ape Man

From Tim Fasano

Tim enters a land area with a lake next to the largest river in Florida where the most important Bigfoot sighting in the United States occurred a few years ago in the Lettuce Lake complex


  1. Mmmm, the adventures of a caped full of dripping-spunk-ape crusader fills me with trembles of joy,


  2. Fasano may have just killed a bunch of Bigfoot researchers by touching a electrical tower carrying tens of thousands of volts. Because some of them are not grounded, and you will then become the ground when you touch it and those 10,000 volts surge through every fiber of your being.
    In regard to Fasano continuing inability to come up with cold hard proof, so instead he attempts to portray himself as an expert at getting that cold hard proof, by nearly electrocuting himself.

    This is a standard Bigfoot Researcher scam to produce a video of yourself going to get the proof, or showing how to get the proof, but never coming up with a video of you getting the proof. Consequently, Tim Fasano is a congenital scam artist who is also an attention whore.

    1. He's either being paid to make a mockery of it, just plain dumb, a con artist, or an attention whore.
      One thing he isn't, is a Bigfoot Researcher.

    2. ^ Crayola bandit knows it all. Dr Squat has all the sticks, shadows & stumps any mentally unstable person could ask for. He even makes crude crayon drawings on the sticks and shadows for all those that want to believe in DS fantasy,.