Monday, January 1, 2018

Strange Things At Fisher Hill

From Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal

Happy New Year!!!! To all my subscribers! 2018 is going to be HUGE !! Lot's of awesome things on the way, I can promise you that. We are kicking off the new year just right on the 4th with a collab with EPIC Investigates!! Subscribe to his channel if you haven't already, because he will be live


  1. Joe is so sad and lonely he needs to communicate via abuse with people he hates - get a life you stupid boy.

    1. cue pathetic comment from IkkyJoe

    2. He already shot his load for the day 2:48.

      I see MMC is out of jail still. Thats good hopefully he will stay away from children this time.

      Chick seems to be her usual stupid self. Maybe she can get a clue in 2018.

      And joe's feeble mind goes on believing he is smarter than anyone. Yet he is to stupid,or stubborn,to admit it is not just one person trolling him/her. That is very funny to me.

      WHAR FBI WHAR?????????

      Oh wait thats right they have no interest in what is written on a site like this.

    3. Joe sucks like a numbah one king

      hahah hahah hahah hahah hahah

    4. well, well, well, it if isn't the first meeting of the year for the bellend gang