Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Featured in Bigfoot Documentary

From the idaho state journal:

Idaho State University professor Dr. Jeff Meldrum began researching Bigfoot in the mid-1990s, but it took almost 20 years before he would have a possible sighting of his own.

The well-known Sasquatch researcher said he might have laid his eyes on the creature during a 2013 trip to Canada.

In the later part of that year, Meldrum was invited by Todd Standing to visit an isolated area in Alberta called Nordegg, a location known for its high volume of Bigfoot sightings over the years.

The trip is featured in the documentary “Discovering Bigfoot,” which can currently be viewed on Netflix.

Standing is a controversial figure among Bigfoot researchers, with some praising him for his work on the subject while others call him a hoaxer. He is most well-known for his appearance with Les Stroud in “Survivorman Bigfoot,” and he has made headlines for petitioning the Canadian government to provide endangered species protections for Sasquatch.

Meldrum said he has received some criticism for appearing in “Discovering Bigfoot” with Standing. However, Meldrum said that it’s important to investigate and vet all possible sightings. He also said that appearing in the documentary is not indicative of an endorsement of Standing’s work.

“I make no apologizes,” Meldrum said about traveling to Nordegg. “That’s what investigative research is all about.”

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  2. Meldrum has lost his standing for standing with Standing.

  3. Three bigfoot heads/faces supposedly photographed/filmed by Standing are shown in this Discovering Bigfoot documentary. The three look NOTHING alike. Sasquatches can't look that different from one another. And the first "bigfoot" head is so obviously fake that it's ridiculous. If the first is an obvious ridiculous hoax, what does that say about the credibility of the other two?

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