Sunday, January 14, 2018

Camping Scientist Encounters Bigfoot

An avid outdoorsman and his wife are out camping when one night they encounter a bigfoot walking around camp, breaking tree limbs, and making a ruckus.


  1. Sounds like a joke "did you hear the one about the outdoorsman and his wife out camping when one night they encounter a bigfoot walking around camp, breaking tree limbs, and making a ruckus?"

    Come to think of it - it is a joke.

    1. A man old enough to be a grandfather riddled with depression stumbles across the Internet. He needs self-esteem, something to make him forget about his cruddy existence so he fine tunes his sadistic trolling & harassment methods but nothing quite fills the void. So he finds cryptozoology, and realises by skim reading over the best pseudosceptical mantras he can finally attain a sense of cyber-community, feel intelligent and be elevated to a cyber-social pedestal where he can harass people under the lie that he is doing some good in world because people who believe in Bigfoot are “sub-human”. He comes across this blog and with insults & by repeatedly bringing up the PGF even when the immediate articles had nothing to do with it, he feels great. He's of course of the JREF special pleading that the Bigfoot legend began with the PGF, which is a lie, and that there is no other evidence to substantiate this legend, which is another lie. He thinks that if he uses all the most readily accessible misinformation about the PGF, he debunks the subject and can rest being assured that he's done something with his existence. Until certain people came along and took away his cyber playground. Being utterly & hopelessly reliant on the PGF for helping with his depression, he ended up obsessively hating on strangers because they actually had a ten year old’s capacity to learn about the subject, and easily deconstructed all of his best drivel. Stuey responded how people with emotional issues do, by harassing people with racism, child rape threats, cyber-stalking and various other attempts at intimidation... But all the while eight years pass, and he hasn’t actually managed to debunk anything to do with “Bigfoot” to belong to any cyber-social pedestal, and is actually in a far worse off state emotionally than he was to start off with. None of his peers have any respect for him, know who he is and he’s still all alone at a desktop trying to medicate his depression with booze and hatred.

      That wasn’t a joke, and wasn’t funny at all.

    2. I think that David Bowie was Mindspeaking to me while singing "WE COULD BE HOMOS", each and every day.
      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!


    3. ^ I like the Johnny Cash song The Burning Ring-piece of fire,

      I pushed it deep into his steaming ring=piece higher,
      I pushed and pumped up his steaming ring up higher,
      And I pumped pumped pumped,into his asshole,
      I pumped my load,into his asshole.

      Good lyrics too.

    4. It seems thIktomi is using his own personal experiences of life to comment again...old man with depression blah blah...that`s definitely thIktomi except he left out the smelling of piss that he`s so used to.

    5. So true, 9:33, Iktomi is now 36 years old, born 1982, same numbers are in his email. 18 plus 18 equals 36. Iktomi is depressed because he realizes he is old enough to be a grandfather but is only obsessed with fake monsters. We all know that Iktomi projects on to others. He's basically talking to himself in his above post.

    6. Someday I'll have grown ups explain to me thst Bigfoot is a homeless negro