Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bigfoot Activity at Home

From Blayne Tyler:

I called the OPP to get their take on recent and past vandalism or Sasquatch activity at our home N/E Ontario. (officers name and personal information edited out of recording). Most recently our propane tanks lids were lifted and taps were turned off without making a sound which is hard to do. Also no prints were found in the snow that was left after warm spell. We originally had 2' of standing snow now 6-8". Game trail cam will be installed to try to figure out who or what is responsible for these incidents. * In memory of Dr. John Bindernagel R.I.P who contributed to Bf research and risked more than reporting local Bigfoot activity to the police. Note: No disrespect intended to the OPP but the public has a right to know what could be lurking in the woods near their rural homes. Maybe others will come forward and report their experiences now.

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