Inter-Dimensional Bigfoot

From Mountain Beast Mysteries - The Inter-Dimensional Bigfoot theory.

Happy Sunday folks! Sorry for the silence the past couple of days. In today's video i discuss the possibility of Sasquatch being an inter-dimensional being/creature. It's definitely NOT my number one theory but I am open to the possibilities.


  1. Netflix just added a new documentary titled Discovering Bigfoot. I watched it last night.

    This one is hosted by Todd Standing. It is interesting. However, there are some major problems with it, not least of which is Todd Standing often being referred to by those in the bigfoot community as Fraud Standing.

    Dr. Meldrum and Dr. Bindernagel are in much of the documentary. They do seem to be a bit skeptical at times at some of the evidence that Standing puts forth. Whereas Standing attributes a lot of things to sasquatches without doubt, Meldrum and Bindernagel are more cautious about quickly jumping to attributing these finds to sasquatches.

    Here are the problems:

    There are three times in the documentary in which footage is shown of sasquatches heads off in the distance and they are zoomed in. All three of them look ENTIRELY different. There is no way that all three can be sasquatches. They don't even look remotely the same.

    The other problem is that the first of the three is so obviously not real. Well, if the first one is fake, what does that say about the second and third?

    Once you see any fakery, that calls into question the integrity of the entire documentary. Watch it for yourself and see what you think.

  2. 1. Bindernagel & Meldrum have backed away from their support of Standing once shown the evidence of his bullshit.
    His wife is a makeup artist, thats why the masks all look different & fake!
    Bigfoot Tony just did a look at his bigfoot running up a hill video, obvious man in a suit.
    Why would I watch it? I'm not putting money in that ass wipes pocket!

  3. Bigfoot are shape shifting, telepathic, paranormal, interdimensional people who are invisible most of the time during daylight hours so they don't get shot by gun toting morons in pickup trucks.


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