Forest Ranger Films Yowie

A ranger encounters a large, upright, hair-covered creature in the wilds of Australia. There's only one thing it could be, a yowie!


  1. Ha ha ha ha I just got back from a retard facility where all the Retardos look like TOADS HA HA HA, anyways I was thinking, What do TOADS LIKE TO EAT? Well it dawned on me that TOADS like to eat flys! So I noticed a bunch of dead flys at the bottom of the Windows,Then I grabbed a bunch of dead flies,and proceeded to ask the "Toad TARDS" if they wanted to eat some Candy? Well of course they wanted some candy(dead flys)
    BIG TIME! HA HA HA HA! ANYWAYS,HA HA, the TARDS ate all 15 pieces of Candy(dead flys) likkity split! Haw Haw,,the TARDS consider me a true Hero lol, not to mention the janitors love me too cause they no longer have to clean the bottom of the window return's ha ha ha ha!
    I'm so proud of myself!!


    1. Hey iktomi/Joe Do ya think them TARDS would like eating my"CLAM FLIES"????
      ME AND MMC NEED TO know NOW!!!

    2. ^ You simpleton...go away.

  2. NVTV hoax videos up the wazoo.


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