Saturday, October 21, 2017

Creature Lets It Be Know It Doesn't Want The Cameras There

From the Crypto Watch:

Here is a short video of our game cam captures from about the middle of September until about the middle of October. During this time two game cams were attacked by a black bear. The camera captures most of this but due to some cheap SD cards many of the video files were corrupt and would not play. If I remember correctly there were 100 videos in all but only about 19 of them would actually play. I did try some software that is supposed to fix them but it failed on all but one video. While there are not any bigfoot in these images, it still gives us a glimpse at some wonderful wildlife in our research area.


  1. LOL. That's not a bigfoot. It's the back side of a black bear. Only a dumba(ss) would fall for this.

    1. No S H I T Sherlock. It clearly states that "there are not any bigfoot" in the images. Freakin' moron...

    2. If it clearly states there aren't any Bigfoot images, why post it?

      Such a waste of people's time!