You're On Bigfoot's Turf Now

If a tree falls in the woods, and a researcher is there to hear it, did a bigfoot do it? Watch this video and see what you think.


  1. First

    For all the intelligent Bleevers


    1. ^Aunt MMC, aka "The Creeper".

    2. 9/6/17


      The founder of Harvard University, another low IQ racist according to ikdummy.

      Not supporting racism, ikdummy, just showing that you can publish any result you are looking for in a study, just like meldrum does. With any position you want to believe, you always point to a study someone did that coincides with what you want to believe...and it's "case closed" as far as your mind is concerned. Sometimes the truth isn't always what you want it to be. You don't need to do a study to find out the the most brilliant minds were involved in the slave trade and those with the lower IQ's were not...and the original US slaves had very low 65 iqs.

      It would be great, i guess, if Jefferson and all the slave owners were idiots and the slaves were brilliant but it's not true.

    3. Racists have low IQ's. And using the mindset of slave traders (your words) from a couple of hundred years ago as a means of justifying that backward mindset, is one of the ridiculous things I've ever read from you. You have to be joking, right?

      To THEN compare slave traders' racism from couple of hundred years ago, with that of a published study regarding track impressions by PhD's in the present... Puts the icing on the cake as to your low IQ.


      "Not supporting racism"... You mean "not right now with the sockpuppet"? Explain... I'd love to know what character you're playing at present.

    4. Ikdummy, you are saying that blacks are the most racist. IQ by country:

    5. Racists have low IQ's.

      Deal with it Stuey. Like I told you earlier... If you're gonna chase people around the internet calling them stupid, you'd better make sure you're at least role playing someone with a remote level of intelligence first.

      : )

      See ya tomorrow Stuey!

    6. ikdummy is saying racists have low IQs. Convenient for ikdummy that the white countries have higher IQs. IKDUMMY IS RACIST!!!

      ALL the lowest IQ countries are in Africa according to non-political, non-racial organizations.

    7. Don't confuse ikdummy with the facts. THAT is classic ikdummy,,, find one paper that supports your position and scream and squeal the logic away....and run. Run, ikdummy, run.


    8. "Richard and Tatu argues that differences in national income are correlated with differences in the average national intelligence quotient (IQ)."

      "These results are controversial and have caused much debate, they must be interpreted with extreme caution."

      ... From your own source. Did you even read it properly, low IQ boy? And even if your source was exactly how you interpreted it to be... Racists have low IQ's. And no racist's interpretation of world ranking of IQ in correlation with national income (cringe, I know right?), proves otherwise.

    9. Chick, it's like he has a tick chart exercise on his bedroom wall, where he needs to act out some OCD attention-quest with the regular posters of this blog.


      It's absolutely, utterly, incredible, desperately crazy behaviour.

    10. Your interpretation of the link is beyond FAIL. You are kicked out of the class.

      So, you agree that your low IQ was caused by racism. That certainly explains your cultural appropriation, disparaging comments about a black women and her son, and making anon racial comments OUT OF NOWHERE on a blog and then trying to come to the rescue. Maybe you can work on that and your IQ will shoot back up.

    11. Stuey... I can't tell if you're really that stupid or trolling anymore.

      One thing's never been in doubt; you're utterly bat **** crazy.


    12. ^ikky meltdown

      ikdummy, resorting to panicky emotionality is not going to give to a passing grade. Stick to your self-educating safe-place.... non-existent hairy men.

    13. Stuart... "non-existent hairy men" has provided you with even less self-esteem than your misread racism sources. Aren't you embarrassed at all?

      Anyway... Gotta go. I'm bored.

    14. Bored or not, you're boring. IQ stats are not racism sources, you IDIOT!

      ikdummy is Aids Skrillex:

      "You're a f-ing white male!" Meanwhile ikdummy is a white male.

      You are white, ikdummy? I've assumed you are.

    15. Thanks, CC.

      Bored or not, you're boring. IQ stats are not racism sources, you IDIOT! ikdummy is Aids Skrillex:

      "You're a f-ing white male!" Meanwhile ikdummy is a white male. You are white, ikdummy? I've assumed you are.

    16. It shows up like that only on certain devices. I seldom see anyone's stuff whited out.

    17. Though highly controversial, the source isn't racist, you insufferably dense tool... The source clearly states that there are economical factors that have an impact on the average IQ of a country. Poorer countries tend to have lesser educational systems, are more reliant on much older cultural customs, etc, you prat. Your interpretation is racist, because you not only blindly failed to read your own source properly, but you interpreted the source as being indicative of natural racial IQ outside of any said significant factors.

      You're an idiot, ha ha ha!! And I know I'm stooping low to even respond to this drivel.

    18. You idiot ikdummy. The iqs of Africans stay consistent regardless if the people immigrate to richer countries. Conversely, white iqs don't drop to 65 if they move to Africa. Why are their countries poor in the first place? Are you that stupid? You're just brainwashed pc. You're not thinking for yourself. Reality isn't racist. You live in a country that will will have a cop show up at your door if you think otherwise.

    19. "The iqs of Africans stay consistent regardless if the people immigrate to richer countries."

      And by what source can you assert that, you idiot? You're trolling nobody can possibly be that stupid/racist... ha ha ha!! A cop at my door? Good god man, you're crazy???

    20. You see... Nobody in their right minds could assert this unsubstantiated, racist drivel. You simply have to be trying to lower the bar to get attention. One can only assume you need interaction, what ever quality of that interaction. You're clearly lonely.

    21. Very civil discussion by liberal anti-Trump Sam Harris: It's not racist, ikdummy. There are difference across races internally and externally.

    22. Yeah, if you're a racist. Don't expect any more exchange with me on this Stuey, I'm just feeding your personality disorder at this rate, and I'm not being a party to that.

    23. Coward. Your government controls your mind. We were discussing non-race IQ on a different thread. Joe F1tzgerald posts racial slurs and then immediately post a study claiming racists have low IQs to switch topics. Your study was false. I'm not pro-racist and see the slur as a non-sequitur...but your white-knighting of your own racist comment was wrong. US presidents that owned slaves do not have lower IQs than other presidents. That's silly. Its off-topic to post racial slurs WHICH YOU DID but your study was biased.

    24. BE AWARE THAT IKDUMMY IS POSTING RANDOM RACIAL pejoratives and then white knighting his own comments.

      ikdummy also slurred a real black woman and son from russia claiming her skull was archaic and that she was a bigfoot.

    25. You're not playing "mind games" Stuey.

      You're just a certified loon. A loon who doesn't read internet sources properly before publishing them, who claims to know definitions of concepts AFTER such concepts have made him look stupid... Who THEN has the audacity to harp on about other people's intelligence. You don't even know the relevance of a reference, and you're claiming to have an education?

      Did you struggle in school (low IQ) as a kid? Did your abusive mother refuse to sit at the kitchen table to help you with homework? That's what all the psychological factors point to, little Stuey. If you're gonna chase people around the internet calling them stupid, you'd better make sure you're at least role playing someone with a remote level of intelligence first.

    26. And it doesn't matter what position a racist held in any government 200 years ago... People grow in morality over time. 200 years' worth of time in this instance. Around about then, the concept of evolution wasn't even known, many of the scientific disciplines weren't even remotely understood. You're gonna tell me that eugenics was accurate next?

      And you're claiming to have an education?

      You stupid racist. Drink yourself into oblivion and spare us your existence.

    27. ^You just admitted that racism is IQ-independent.

      Same people, same IQ, they just adjusted their "morality" over time. So, you do understand the difference between "morality" and IQ?

    28. If you've been born into a system of economic slavery with a scientifically, philosophically primitive educational system, you know no better. I dare say there were people with a low IQ who were born into privilaged, slave holding families. It's irrelevant.

      If you've been born into a system where racial equality & tolerance are basic fundamental attributes of a modern civilised society, with an educational system that has all the developed siences at it's core... Then you must simply have a low IQ to be unable to use that platform.

      Stupid racist.

    29. ^ ignored my above post then added an ad hominem attack. You are about to get red pilled by a liberal: Watch that if there is nothing else you so all day. A Jewish liberal neuroscientist/intellectual's video. Afraid?

    30. I'm not watching any of your videos, Stuey... I've stooped low enough comments ago when you made a fool of yourself with your initial link. What evidence is there to know you've even interpreted your source accurately? Why waste my time? And as for another concept you repeatedly fail to fathom (ad hominem), I decimated your argument before calling you names.

      "Charles Murray is once again peddling junk science about race and IQ. Podcaster and author Sam Harris is the latest to fall for it. Charles Murray, the conservative scholar who co-authored The Bell Curve with the late Richard Herrnstein, was recently denied a platform at Middlebury College."

      Jesus Christ... Someone put this CLOWN out of his misery?

    31. ikdummy, tribes in Africa that have never been colonized have the same IQs as those born into "a system of economic slavery". You are an atheist making moral judgments and ignoring science. I assume you are atheist because you are a pc trendy.

    32. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Stuey... I think you're just about toasted to a crisp. Stick to "plaster" boio.



    33. Science-denier^ and at 1:48 you already defeated your own study. Now, you resort to copying and pasting someone else thoughts which is what you're good at.

      More ad hominem. Why debate when you can name call?

    34. Your "science" is akin to eugenics. And it's been ripped apart on the internet. My study? Read my comment at 2:03. Take your time with it now, I know there's some "big words" there.

      It's called a reference. Go back to school you frickin'


    35. Ashkenazi Jews have the same IQs as Australian aboriginals?

      So, at any point in time did human groups have lower iqs? Homo Erectus has the same IQ as modern humans? Somehow, now, everyone isolated, spread out all over the world, just happened to have the exact same brain but other difference like height, hair, skin color, facial features but all groups have the exact same IQ?

      Scary ikdummy, very scary. Don't think, move along. Run!

    36. As noted, you already defeated your own argument at 1:48. You are making a moral judgement and ignoring science. Bye.

    37. You're comparing other modern races to homo erectus?

      Is his clown serious?

      At 1:48, I in fact reiterated exactly what your own unread source stated, that there are factors outside of any genetic racial affiliation for low IQ.

    38. It's okay, ikdummy. The pendulum swung hard one way in the 1800s, then it swung hard the other way to try to correct it. Now, slowly things are balancing out but you're still in the corrective swing. You'll get it eventually but it does feel good to virtue signal, get all upset and moralize. You're a good kid, ikdummy, a little behind, but a good kid.


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