Tracking the Skunk Ape

From Tim Fasano - Tim tracks the skunk apes into the swamps of Florida, and runs across some of the evidence they left behind. 


  1. Fasano is the Jane Goodall of the skunk ape. He's an ambassador for the species.

    1. The difference being Jane Goodall at least had living and real creatures to show...Fasano does not.

    2. The difference is that Fascano doesn't have any evidence.
      He should team up with Zaskey, and learn something, instead of constantly wasting people's time.

  2. Lots of spunk-apes follow the tracks all the way up my hairy "gugwe" is surely heaven.


  3. Tim Fasano is a joke. Nobody in the Bigfoot field takes this guy seriously at all. He's just looking for a way to get on a television show.


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