Saturday, September 2, 2017

They're Coming In Close!

Keep an eye out for a lurking bigfoot behind a tree, or peeking through the brush in this video. They're coming in close enough you can hear them moving around.


  1. I saw Trump up close and Im trying to convince Melba to do a dna sequence on Trump. A cursory search reveals that Trumps father, a big game hunter came across a juvenille skunkape, whom they named Donald. , his parents murdered by a foreign alphabet group died before they could reveal to young Donny that he was, in fact a shaved, orphaned skunkape. Wanting him to fit in he was drugged with the same anasthetic MJ died from. During these nightly operations, he was shaved from head to to toe. HE insisted on the hairstyle and cannot be convinved to shave his head since it would be immedietdly apperent he was half ape. Beware people we live on the planet of those damn dirty apes, Charlton Heston 1968 Planet of the apes.thank you mods, and matt k , i love your site.

    1. From Troll to Swole: Internet bully loses 400 lbs after changing his ways.

  2. Is this guy mentally challenged?