Thursday, September 14, 2017

Strange Bigfoot Audio Captured

From Parkhurst Music on youtube:

Here is some video and audio recorded in their researcher area. They were able to record some strange audio that sounds sort of like a barking noise.


  1. Best Sasquatch pictures from CryptidCon Bigfoot, …:

    In the above video the guy who captured the littlefoot on his cellphone was asked if he had the pictures on any storage device so he could give them to the interviewer. He said that he did not and that they were only on his phone so he would "send" him the pictures. But there he had them on professional large glossy prints. What's up

    Did he take his phone to photo machine at wally world or what. Clearly he already taken them from his phone already. Just saying

    The pics don't appear to be to hi res and he seems to have gotten very, very close

    I look forward to being able to view these for myself


    1. I look forward to you jumping off the nearest bridge.

    2. ^ stu-watts got poopy pants !



    3. Stu -warts

      What kind of critic are you? Obviously a lame one on your best day. If you would have watched the video you might have seen that part. But you are so fvcking lazy you can't even watch a video

      We all know the real reason your here. It's because you are in LOVE Ilwith Iky. As long as he is bltch slapping you around all day you are happy

      Definetely a catcher


    4. The obsession with The Stuey is now of epidemic proportion...The Stuey fills the heads and hours for the stupidfriends...who still have not one iota of evidence that any creature that is unknown is present outside their limpid imaginations...just what is it that they are trying to escape ? ...mundane existence perhaps ?

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