Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Deer Hunter Has Unusual Encounter With Bigfoot

A deer hunter takes a shot and goes looking for the deer when he hears a noise in the darkness. At first he thought it was another deer, but he soon realized what he was hearing was something entirely different.


  1. Here ya go Harriet Tubman this Rolling Stones song is just for you this fine a.m.

    Well if you call this a life
    Why must I spend it with you?
    If the show must go on
    Let it go on without you
    So sick and tired hanging around with jerks like you

    Who'll tell me those lies
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    What am I to do
    You want it, I got it too

    Though the lies might be true
    That's just cause the joke's about you
    I'm so sick and tired hanging around with dogs like you
    You're the first to get blamed, always the last bitch to get paid

    Oh, tell me those lies
    Let me think they're true
    I heard one or two
    They weren't about me, they weren't about her
    They were all about you

    I may miss you
    But missing me just isn't you
    I'm so sick and tired hanging around with dogs like you

    Tell me those lies
    Let me think they're true
    I heard one or two, and they weren't about me, they weren't about her
    They're all about you
    I'm so sick and tired
    What should I do
    You want it, you get it
    So how come I'm still in love with you?


    1. If you're writing a long comment like that Zabo, try not to use so many spaces between lines. Shawn (when he moderated the place) made sure that comments like that immediately white out. This is because Stuey, whilst on one of his meltdowns, was posting comments with anything up to 50 spaces between letters, so that nobody else could comment... Typical psycho-control stuff really.


    2. In addition, Shawn doesn't allow racist pigs to post disgusting hate speech.

    3. When you've finished fake laughing at your own comments, I'd like to remind you that you've been repeatedly banned for exactly that.


    4. And I'd like to remind you that your intimate friendship with this repulsive bigot Zabo conclusively proves that YOU are the one who has been posting the anonymous sickening racism!

    5. Yes... "Everyone's a racist" except you. It's called projection, dear boy.

    6. Stuwart is the biggest racist I have ever seen on the net

      But what does one expect from such filth


    7. By the way Stuart boy

      ALL of your racist comments have been recorded

      When the net harassment laws come to pass in the near future you will be exposed

      I have already filed a report at the district NAACP chapter showing them examples of your activities for their records. In the near future scrum like you will be exposed for who you are

      I envision you as being an obese shut in. I am probably right


    8. Man like me frequents a steak house or three in his lifetime. Gets to know the town, the folks, tips the waitress. Did I tell you I'm a traveling man? All the lower 48 plus the newly acquired non-contigs. Aw hell, Chick, I'm down and around Okie and I pay the bills plus I can go on about the Woodape like no one's business. Caught sight of a group a few years back along Oregon way. I told ya I traveled. Traveling man, I guess they'll say.

      MMC(the original, not the fop)

    9. That's right iktomi

      Yes left a trail that canon t be erased

      It didn't bother me at all. But when he attacked chick I felt I had to do something. When the time comes he will be paid a visit


    10. MMC, Chick is creeped out by you if you haven't figured it out yet. Yes, YOU.

    11. Nothing wrong with "One in the Bum no harm done"


    12. Medication is no excuse for bad behavior

    13. Don't mind Iktomi...His IQ is sub-par.

    14. IktomiTuesday, September 5, 2017 at 10:42:00 AM PDT
      AnonymousWednesday, September 14, 2016 at 1:16:00 AM PDT
      AC collins = HIGH IQ!

      TKOGWednesday, September 14, 2016 at 1:44:00 AM PDT
      HEY a.c. MY IQ HAS BEEN TESTED TO BE 160 deg.
      flop flop flop flop------LOOSER -----
      HA HA HA HA ------MORONN

      AnonymousSunday, November 20, 2016 at 12:57:00 PM PST
      Khwit skull is 50% African so your question is as DUMB AS YOUR IQ IS LOW !!
      HAAAA Haa haaaa lol,,
      schooled once again!!
      AC collins

      AnonymousSunday, November 20, 2016 at 1:42:00 PM PST
      ^ khwit and Brock lesner exhibit almost the same skull morphology ,Khwit & B lesner are both caucasian and thier skulls fit within normal racial perimeters ,,
      khwit is 50% Caucasian that looks 100% ,by portrait and skull !
      once again you fail to answer
      my statment @ 12:57.
      and confirm your low iq,,,,,,
      ,,,,,"CHUMP"!! HAAA HAA HAAA LOL!

    15. ... And the following is Stuey in his second preferred writing style. The theme? The "IQ" drivel you like to project. Like I said earlier... There isn't anyone who believes you anymore, Stuey. I can expose you a million times over for the two writing styles you like to use.

      There is one troll...

    16. AnonymousSunday, September 3, 2017 at 10:36:00 AM PDT
      Joetomi also botched the definition of Freudian Slip. His meltdown was a doubly whammy.
      I think Joe's low iq'd mind reads science journals and processes them as a smattering of big words confusingly structured and tries to imitate this bizarre perception in his posts.

      AnonymousSunday, September 3, 2017 at 1:51:00 PM PDT
      The only way I can explain Joe is that he has a low Iq but he also way kept away from education until later in life and he is scrambling to make sense of it all. Joe, were you not interested in school or kept away from it and are now working hard to figure things out in your mid 30s? Maybe you're from a culture or neighborhood that doesn't value education and u broke away and are trying to make up for lost time? You're in way over your head intellectually but have the scrappy false bravado of a street punk.

      AnonymousMonday, September 4, 2017 at 5:15:00 AM PDT
      You pasted the definition but you still don't understand the meaning.
      ikdummy = idiocy + hubris
      You know what you do for a living and that's what matters. A high iq'd person wouldn't be doing what you do. You have trouble processing information and delve into minutia without understanding basic concepts and premises. All done with clueless confidence.

    17. So let me get this straight, there are two possibilities:

      (1) There is one person changing his writing style to fool you; or

      (2) Multiple people have noticed that you have a low IQ.

      Hmmmm, which is more likely? Ha ha ha!

    18. How many times have I busted your two writing styles now, Stuey? I didn't think I could possibly cringe any more than what I have done... But seeing you deny it like a little rat is beyond the cringable.

      What a coward.

    19. Well, someone with a low IQ would probably come up with such an asinine idea, so it does make sense, doesn't it! Ha ha ha!

    20. I shouldn't be too surprised really, this is the same person who accused me of being Haints because we both used a dash in our comments! Ha ha ha!

    21. This is yet more evidence that you're the racist pervert that's published filth here for the past few years. Like I said up top... You'll get caught out in the end boio.

    22. ikdummy is incapable of being wrong so we must humor him.

      Yes, ikdummy, a Freudian Slip means pineapple.
      Yes, ikdummy, Gaussian distribution means cheese.
      Yes, ikdummy, 10,000 giant apemen are plaster.
      Yes, ikdummy, we are all the same guy.

    23. What I want to know is... Why would such a "proud racist" not have the courage to publish his identity?

      Why wouldn't someone who's projecting their shortfalls with "plaster", just hurry up and debunk it all already?


    24. Hey Mr. Low IQ, there is a "proud racist" who has published his identity here -- his name is Zabo and you have chosen to be friends with the douche bag!

    25. 10:54 Once again Ikdummy trips and does a full face plant into hot steaming Cowpie!

      Haa Haa Haa lol!!

    26. I read no such thing... And the only reason a "proud racist"
      wouldn't publish his ID, is because he's a coward.

    27. Iktomi is the REAL coward,
      We all know you are a woman!

      Prove me wrong!

    28. So, ikdummy is a genuinely proud racist because he publishes his ID.

      is this more ikdummy logic?

    29. Why don't you just stick to your usual writing style Stuey? It's beyond weird...

    30. ikdummy, a proud racist with his own proud racist ID and culturally appropriating avatar.

      Ikdummy, does your inability to differentiate between people carry over to the real world? Is your parole officer also your mailman?

    31. It's called holding an interest in another culture, but I don't expect a racist to recognise that, when xenophobia and a sheer lack of empathy (psychopathy) transcends everything else in that pee brain. I remember when a Native American took you to town on this blog for your racist comments towards Native Americans. That was amazing, I'll see if I can find that.

      Now, now Stuey... Only one person's seen the inside of a jail cell out of us two...

      AnonymousWednesday, November 27, 2013 at 5:47:00 PM PST
      Got thrown in rosarito beach jail (mex) in 78 ,," some drunk passed out bum", was sleeping it off on the floor,, as I walked up to the bum in the holding cell,, I noticed a mouse" on the bums chest ! it was on its huanches WASHING ITS FACE !! ,, all I could was to Start laughing,, which made me to start convulsing PUKE from all the freekin mezcal, I drank that night !! MY BOSS had to pay 50 bucks to get me out in the morning,,, SO THAT BIENG SAID !!! YEA THIS THERM VID IS FAKE !!! BIG DORIS ,,,

    32. Yes, that's me, alright, in a mexican jail in 1978. Good research, ikdummy.

    33. It takes very little research to source your crazy comments. It's all on the internet for anyone to see... Just like your racism and attempts at intimidation.


    34. exactly, ikdummy. everything ever written by anonymous was by me. ikdummy logic on full display.

    35. Not everything... Just the obvious psycho comments that are easily recognisable to someone who's been cyber-stalked by you.

    36. IktomiJo likes to use his tongue for licking round the circumference of a helmet...emphasis on the "cum" part.

    37. Ikdummy hits another homer out of the (everything published on the web is Reality) sanity ballpark.

    38. ^ days old and "spent" cum I take it ?

    39. And you know when Stuey has had enough for a comment section, because the toilet humour that wouldn't make a 16 year old laugh comes out. And on another comment section earlier;

      AnonymousTuesday, September 5, 2017 at 10:04:00 AM PDT
      ^infantile nonsense

      The audacity used to be laughable... It's now just an inside into a trait of the Dark Tetrad of psycho-trolling.

    40. To 12:48--Ikdummy maybe you didn't know that the noun "Big Doris" means,A woman that has penis envey, I think you were getting PLAYED by "STUERT" a few years ago,

      Poor Joe

    41. When you bust out the deliberate F-AC poor grammar, what imaginary accent do you give this character of yours?

  2. NSFW
    I think it's a penis on a branch !
    You'll love this PIB

    X-rated kaboom !

    1. Good job Dr. The trap worked!


    2. " Tree porn"


    3. The sicko who thumbs up tranny video's proved me a Liar, LOL

    4. Didn't you say you never post as Anon?


    5. Liar liar pants on fire DS.Oh and btw who did Adam and Eves kids have kids with?you never did tell me.Oh and btw didn't you say you never acknowledge me?Looks like your telling pork pies again :) xx

    6. Oh and btw DS that video is narrated by a Professor and if i'm not mistaken that ranks above you xx

    7. Dr.Squatch's evidence is as good,,if not better than any anecdotal hersay, Even you PIB got to admit that.

    8. I would agree 12:48 if DS was honest but he isn't xx

    9. Once again, I did not post as "Anon," nice try.

      Never saw an "Adam & Eve" comment. So if i answer you, i'll get accused of acknowledging you, right?

    10. Yeah you do and stop trying to wiggle out of answering.


      And isn't it strange that you call me a sicko for thumbing up a science lecture while you sit at your computer drawing willies on photos of trees?Hmmmmmm xx

    11. Wiggle out? Prove where i posted as "Anon!"
      Was the Science lecture about Science?

      Not strange at all that i found a Male species.

    12. The first account of the creation of humans, in Genesis 1, which doesn't reference Adam and Eve at all but simply says "male and female He created them".
      Cain went to Nod, found a wife, got married, and had a son. But if Adam and Eve were the only two people that God created, where did the people of Nod come from?

    13. oh snap ! DS just got owned by PIB .
      Liar, liar doc squat on fire
      She's just proven you are a liar sir. You say you never posted as DS and yet we have proof. doc is a psycho playing games on here

    14. ^ ikdummy yet again in anon mode !!

      Pitiful iktomi.

    15. Wrong 3:51!
      First off, i said i never post as ANON, and second, i write in the post that it was me, posting as "DS" because my phone will not post my Google account.
      I'd say that BEYOND HONEST!

      EPIC FAILURE PIB & 3:51!

    16. Trying to wiggle out doc? you said you don't post as anon which means no name but you have posted as DS many times before and you continue to do so because your whole game is to post clearly obvious videos of nothing but trees and start drama on here so that you get more views for your fake videos
      you are the epic failure Dr !

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