Monday, September 4, 2017

Bigfoot Stalks Hitchhikers

Blayne Tyler shares an interesting and creepy bit of sasquatch encounter history on youtube.

In "The Big Year" of 1967 there were three major breakthrough encounters which includes the PGF. This is 1 of 3.
During the evening of May 1967 witnesses Dennis Taylor and Dave Churchill age 19 would have a scary roadside encounter with two huge creatures. The young men were hitchhiking (I84?) on the way home from hanging out with friends at a café near the town of The Dallas, OR. Soon strange events started to happen that would alter their lives as mentioned in the video. Note: A strong example of an intelligent being using group predation. Also to help confirm the report 19"x10 prints were found as well as a blood trail and consecutive sightings on follow up investigations by several witnesses. These encounters is what lead to Bigfoot researcher Peter Byrne setting up a permanent office in the area.


  1. For the few remaining Bigfoot believers who still frequent this site I have a simple question. I promise not to be judgmental or criticize your answer I am just merely curious:

    Do you believe that some of the people who are regularly featured here such as Dodson, Shaw, Shupe, the Trail to Tears guys, Odom, Fasano to name just a few will produce solid evidence of Bigfoot's existence or do you think (if Bigfoot IS ever to be found real) that it will come from another source such as an accident with it getting hit by a vehicle or shot by a hunter or some other unforeseen even? Or do you think another DNA study is the key?

    1. I believe that you should bend me over and give me a proper shagging !


    2. A cross-continental joint plaster hoax has obviated the necessity of solid evidence.

    3. LOL - well it's at least a response . . . I guess.

    4. I know a few of those you mentioned fairly well. Barbara Shupe is beyond reproach in her evidence. Odom is a sound investigator in my home state that uses logic and reasoning... Ruling out the many things to get to the truth. Bf is never going to come and sit at your table and say yes I am real. Prints that are so big... With toes...midtarsal breaks...dermal ridges in the mud ...are hard to refute. Screams that are so close that it vibrates your body from the power behind it can't be faked...sightings of 9 foot beings that move and run faster on 2 feet or on all 4's faster that you or I have to trust your eyes and the integrity of the person doing the research.