Thursday, September 14, 2017

Beyond Creepy Bigfoot Stories

Beyond Creepy presents stories of the Woods Man, also known as bigfoot. Check out these creepy bigfoot stories, unlike any you have heard before.


  1. If we can source a sourceable entity, that is an entity that can be sourced, if not readily sourceable, we can proceed in a linear fashion to explore the possibilities of an expeditiary sourcing endeavor for a hominoid that has been sourced dermally and morphologically as well as ichnotaxoned journally.


    1. ...makes sense....somehow.

    2. "Similarly, in South Africa at one medical school, unclaimed bodies sourced from government mortuaries provide 77.8 per cent of all bodies used for dissection."
      Speaking for the Dead: The Human Body in Biology and Medicine, By Maja I Whitaker, Professor D Gareth Jones

      ... "A body sourced from one of many Sasq'ets burial grounds"... "Sourced from the abundance of physical evidence that is the PNW"... And "until someone sources that body"... And so forth.

      It's just a blog Stuey, don't let it ruin your life.

    3. It's your overuse, ikdummy. Whatever delayed education issue you have, it manifests itself in trying to sound like a science paper and structuring your thoughts in a jumbled way that you hope will appear to make sense and seem "sciencey".

    4. Argh I see... So now you've actually learned that it's context was actually fine all along, it's now the amount of times I use it that's the issue?

      You must thank your lucky stars you're anonymous, ha ha ah!!

    5. No, ikdummy, you never answered the context question so I moved on. You posted 2 different definitions of the same word which was a verb. I asked you which definition you meant. You then posted the definition of the word as a noun. I then told you a noun is not a verb. You then re-posted the 2 different definitions.

      Take, for example, the word orange. It can mean fruit or color. There are other words with 2 meanings that have subtler distinctions. If someone asks you which one of the two definitions you mean, a normal person would clarify and not obfuscate and go around in circles.

    6. ikdummy, it has been clear for a while that you are an idiot who relies on copy and paste, thus the long-held designation ikdummy, but when you stray from your copy and paste training wheels and type your own jumbled thoughts, it puts the nail in the coffin of any pretense that there could be anything of substance hiding behind your plagiarized words. You even botched up clarifying a definition with the advantage of copying and pasting from a dictionary.

    7. Stuey... I in fact published every example of how that word could be applied, and how I might have applied it. Turns out you didn't even know how to apply it properly yourself... And now it's the "amount I use it"?


      You're a fool. The blog's court jester... And you're only gonna get angrier.

      : )

    8. ikdummy, I asked you the question in relation to a specific example. There would be only one correct answer. Do you check mark all the answers on a multiple choice quiz and claim that you chose all possible answers? Yes, you it's your go-to word and you can't discern it's different contexts and meanings.

      Your ad hominem attack is more projecting, ikdummy.

    9. Stue..: If you're gonna chase people around the internet calling them stupid, you'd better make sure you're at least role playing someone with a remote level of intelligence first.

    10. ^ Don't be so hard on yourself, ikdummy.

    11. Stuey, you are having such a special day today with all your random outbursts . I wonder what the occasion is ? is it because it's Saturday and your nanny is baking you a plum pie ?
      You should be so lucky but tossers like you don't deserve special treats
      sorry stuey
      you aren't that special


    12. It's just rich listening to LOWIQMI prove everybody correct in there assumption of his lack of education and intelligance,He never fails to humor,,HAA HAAA HAAA HA HA HA !!!