Friday, August 11, 2017

Search of the Southern Mountain

Join the SoCal Sasquatch Organization on a field investigation into the mountains, and check out their trail cam footage at the end of the video.


  1. SoCal Sasquatch Organization is a bunch of drunk fat guys with beards.

    1. Would any sexy blokes fancy searching for my "Southern Mountain"?


    2. ^ Surely it`s more of a sink-hole or sump ?

  2. And now for the first of many new musings......

    Welcome to My New Exhibition

    N i g g e r Poetry

    by Grin Chuckles

    Little Niglets dancing,

    Dancing all around,

    Little Niglets dancing,

    Daddy's not in town.

    Little Niglets stealing,

    Stealing from da' sto,

    Little Niglets stealin'

    Dey'got to gets some mo.

    Little Niglets robbin',

    Momma smokin' crack.

    Little Niglets robbin',

    lots o rides to jack.

    Little Niglets done gro'd up,

    Grown niggas full o' hate,

    Not jus' for mom and dad,

    But anyone in dey way.

    Dey likes to blame da white man,

    fo' da troubles dat dey got,

    They hate the skin they in,

    Never Could Be and Dey Not!!