Friday, August 11, 2017

MK Davis Discusses New Bigfoot Drowning Deer Footage

MK Davis goes over and discusses the new piece of footage from Alabama reportedly of a bigfoot drowning a deer in a creek.


  1. MK Davis smells like cat feces.

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  3. This one is very interesting. It'd take some real creativity and determination to hoax.

    1. ????? hoax what? that cant even be determined to be a deer much less a bigfoot. r u really that dumb?

    2. I just said it's interesting. It's what looks like a hominid, standing over what appears to be a deer. That can't even be argued. Is it a Bigfoot, is it a deer? We may never know. Explain why I'm dumb, based on what I've said.

    3. There is a shadow area with leaves. There is nothing seen that looks like anything human or bigfoot in the video. If you saw the video without any preconception of what it was about you wouldn't even suggest that there was a deer in the video much less a bigfoot. You are trolling me or an absolute fool. Print out a screen shot of what you say is a bigfoot and show it to 100 people on the street and ask them to tell you what it is(obviously without telling them what you think it is)...

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  5. Anonymous=dumb shit that can't defend his stupid comment.

  6. just another step or two and then center the camera and he would of had the money shot.