Thursday, August 10, 2017

Map shows best place to watch eclipse and see Bigfoot!

Check out this overlay map that shows the best places in the country to see not only the upcoming eclipse, but bigfoot at the same time!

The map’s creator, data visualizer/cartographer Joshua Stevens, isn’t a Bigfoot believer himself, but he had seen so many increasingly specific eclipse-related maps that he took it as a challenge to create a new one.

“I thought if eclipse maps were reaching the peak of absurdity, why not raise the bar a little?” Stevens said. “I knew just the data to use.”

In 2013, Stevens mapped the locations of more than 3,000 sightings listed by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. This year, he used the organization’s data to map sightings within the eclipse path, and thus, “Sunsquatch” was born.

Stevens said he was surprised by how widely his map was shared.

“I created the map as a way to poke fun on Twitter with something goofy. I thought maybe a few people who’d seen some of the same threads would get it,” he said. “But didn’t expect much response.”

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  2. I heard if you bend over in FRISCO you can see an eclipse of the MOON EVERY DAY,. HEAVENLY!!


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  3. I watch Jotomi eclipsed every day by the superior mind of ROCK Stuey.

    Long live The Stuey.