Saturday, August 26, 2017

LeFlore County Bigfoot Massacre

Youtuber Bob Gymlan shares the story of the bigfoot massacre at LeFlore County.

This startling story actually has some unsettling consistencies. It's implications make a huge impact on humans and bigfoot, and how we perceive each other. I KNOW THAT THE CALIBER ROUNDS DEPICTED IN THE VIDEO ARE NOT ACCURATE TO THE 1850'S SHARPE RIFLE, I WAS INCORRECT, I APOLOGIZE.


  1. oye mate, ikdumpster 'ere,, on the track of the elusive plaster

    fo' 50 years 10,000, 10 foot tall "bigfoot" 'ave been hiding in USA's woods...

    no worries, mates, we've got the best evidence for their existence. all critics will agree unanimously.

    ladies and gents, i submit to you....plaster!


    joe f1tzgerald aka ikky ikky dumm dumm

    1. The b&w illustration above the video seems like pretty good evidence, an 8 foot tall bigfoot....unless you're in denial.

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