Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cultured Bigfoot

From via Dr. Jeff Meldrum:

A few months ago, I met Bill Lancaster at a local Bigfoot event. At the time Bill was filming for an upcoming film titled "Cultured Bigfoot". I got to know Bill a little bit at that event and later was interviewed at another event for his film. Well, the film is getting much closer to being released and recently an official trailer was released. I thought it would be good to do some Q & A with Bill about the film and his interest in the Bigfoot phenomenon.

Here is our interview and the official trailer for Cultured Bigfoot.

TM: What got you interested in Bigfoot?

BL: I got interested in Bigfoot from watching shows with my dad like "In search of" with Leonard Nimoy. I think the Bigfoot episode was the first time I learned about Bigfoot. Then watching the Six Million Dollar man fight a Bigfoot. From there I, in grade school, I would get my weekly reader order mini magazine, if you know what I am talking about...I was the kid that would order the Loch Ness Monster books, and UFO books and of course Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang.

For the full interview, click here.


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