Bigfoot in the Chattahoochee

Stacy Brown Jr. and company hit the Chattahoochee forest, in search of bigfoot while they film a movie about the creature.

Clad in camouflage-patterned pants, black shirts and weathered hiking boots, Stacy Brown Jr. and Chris Godwin lead the way into a hilly, dark Chattahoochee forest.

Halfway through the hike, thunder begins to roll from afar.

“Chris, check the weather radar,” Brown says to his Bigfoot searching partner Chris Godwin. They've been trekking the forests of the Big Bend for years, hoping to spot the legendary creature.

No rain for now. The duo continues.

After walking uphill, Brown decides to stop to try some "calls," which he says are meant to attract the fabled creature.

Everyone turns off their flashlights and crouches down in the dark.

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