Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bigfoot Hunter Tries To Lure Them In With Calls

Robert Dodson checks out his camera trap location, and does some calls to try and lure the big guys in. Check it out:


  1. Hey there,I`m "Rubbit" Dodson and have nothing,just nothing to tell or show worth a dime.

    1. Yeah but he's not been featured on Stickmanevidence.blogspot.com yet so don't get too excited. More red drawn on tree peters and you could get there soon DS!

    2. Hey...nice work Doc.

      I think you have people who are more than just a mite jealous of the success you seem to have...but carry on with the good work and showing the reality to the people.


  2. i have big news im about to break on stucco. A lot of people think cement plaster is the most elusive but don't forget that gypsum plaster has never been photographed.

  3. Trying to "lure them in with calls" eh ?

    Probably have a better chance if ya` just "spread dem cheeks" boy.

    any takers ? ... Joe ?

  4. Replies
    1. ^ Another acurrate and honest assessment by the Good Dr.Squatch!

    2. Love this fella @ 6:29!!

      9:57, Dodson is a major waste of people's time. As are 99% of the researchers featured here.