Saturday, August 12, 2017

Bigfoot Gets Playful With Idaho Fisherman

From PacWest Bigfoot:

Glad I am the first Idaho encounter here Dave, thank you. Back in 1983 I was fly fishing in Idaho near a popular little bend when I was confronted with a playful Bigfoot, a young playful Bigfoot at that. I know that these things are wild animals, and that I could have been in a serious situation that day, and for a second, well, I think I was. But, here is the weirdest encounter you might have ever heard of, and kind of funny too. Here is what happened to me while fly fishing in one of my favorite spots on Kelly Creek...


  1. Along with Iktomi,I think Barret Sanders and his pals Frank Steverson and Zack are the main trolls,But then again--ac Collins has 2 teenagers-- 15 and 17 yr olds,,That bieng said Iktomi is a very strange person!!

    So who really knows?
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!

    Mike Brookreson

    1. IktomiJoe is a whole lot of very strange people,,,he`s a feckin` loon.

  2. Brookreson should know.....he's a comedy genius.

  3. I like going "fishing" with men from Idaho - dipping my "bait" into their "pond" if`n` y`all catch my drift.