Sunday, August 27, 2017

Aggressive Bigfoot Encounter

From the youtube channel of darthbill68:
Welcome back folks for the Episode 10, on this episode we are with Matthew Delph, to talk with him about his aggressive encounter. This will be the end of Season 1, and due to the good response, we will take a short break and be back with Season 2,...we plan on including some other Cryptid Encounters in the next season. Remember to be watching for "Bilco Productions" New Documentary "Cultured Bigfoot" coming Winter 2017. Be on the look out for Bilco Productions this fall as we will be traveling to several Comic and Cryptid Con's in the South East to talk about the movie and the show, we will also be joined by Sam Deloach of Mountain Empire Cryptid Research Organization(and the face of Bigfoot BS) at at least 4 of 8 of the events we will be appearing at. For all the information and location of the events we will be appearing at go to Facebook and like "Bilco Productions", "Cultured Bigfoot" Mountain Empire Cryptid Research Organization" and please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channels "darthbill68" and "Mountain Empire Cryptid Research Organization". By the way we are now putting Bigfoot BS Season 1 on DVD and they will be available at the Cons that we will be participating in, as well as the signed poster art for "Cultured Bigfoot" Starting at "Cryptid Con" in Charlotte, NC October 1st.