Taken By Bigfoot!

From Pac West Bigfoot:

"Missing man taken by Bigfoot in Oregon" sounds like what they call click bait today, but what I'm about to share with you Dave is what I know to be true, because I was the one who came upon the scene. I once sat in the meeting of Finding Bigfoot in a town hall, I said my peace, and that was it. I do not believe they wanted to get out there on a 411 Bigfoot report, and personally, I do not believe a couple of them believed these things are dangerous. But, they are, and here is what I found that day, and what is just another missing person in the vast wilderness of the Pacific Northwest that goes uninvestigated, and without real care by any official agencies. Here is what happened...


  1. Taking by a Bigfoot ? Yea right!
    more like Taking by a Big Dick!



    1. Sue is severely mentally disturbed and drunk.

    2. 9;31 is one of the stupidfriends

    3. 8:19.. Hey "Dick" like to help ya BUT,This is a shoe store blog.
      ps later on wanna swat some flys????

  2. Tripple G will kick Canelo's ass-----Fact!!!


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