Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New Night Vision Tech Lets Us See Bigfoot

From Tim Fasano:

We are using a full spectrum camera (modified) that allows a search party to move to the tree line in total darkness by using thermal lights. The images are captured on a camera screen at base. By getting up close we can avoid the obvious shortcoming of FLIR from a distance. Our method puts a researcher close to whatever made the hot reading then bathes the squatch in thermal lights getting a spectacular image. We hope. We could also set up a perimeter line with multiple stationary cameras. A lot of luck would be needed and a lot of hard work.


  1. All these expensive toys...huh ?

    Duh !!!

    1. Just for the record,,Im not stupid!!...."I'M SMART"!!


    2. Hey, bro. I know your smart. I'm not as dumb as their always making me either. They just use what we say against us because they have no argument.

    3. Huh?? uh yea,, Right,,There dumb,,"Not Us"!!


    4. ikdummy and MMCrap, you two should have an intelligence summit.


  2. With night vision cameras, we will find Bigfoot.
    With parabolic microphones, we will find Bigfoot.
    With i-Phone cameras, we will find Bigfoot.
    With game cams, we will find Bigfoot.
    With FLIR, we will find Bigfoot.
    With drones, we will find Bigfoot.
    And now: With Full-spectrum cameras, we will find Bigfoot.

    Yep. Y'all go with that.

  3. Now new news here. Bigfoot can see Infra red lights, so this full spectrum camera is worthless for catching Bigfoot on video, since they will avoid the IR light. Sony also has super night shot video cameras which also captures objects lit up by infra red lights. Bigfoot can also hear the very high frequency sounds that the camera makes when it is on, and will avoid the area. So this entire Fasano revelation is Fake News.