Five Scary and True Encounter Stories

From Swamp Dweller comes five scary stories of encounters with strange and unknown creatures.


  1. Hohohoh hohohohoh it makes me laugh how the `TomiJoe dickjoy clan can`t keep away from the trolls commandeering their thoughts both night and day ... hohoho what a hoot.

    1. Unrealized dreams above. Add in a large dose of delusion and you get Sues reality. Tragic.

    2. So I have something I want you all to deeply consider. Ask yourself, what difference does it make if the world is a Globe or if the world is Flat. Either way, Yah still makes the sun go round, and the moon on its path. Our tides work, the weather works, the stars give thier signs. All things are in Yahs control. Nothing changes except our perception. Yah remains the master, Yeshua our redemer. So, why does it upset people so? As I stated, nothing will change really, so have no fear about this. It's not a salvation issue, but it can be a declaration to the validity of the word. So why do people get upset about it? I can only come up with two reasons. 1. People have a set belief, and want to think what they think, its a matter of comfort and security in self! So if you come to such a major piece of info, that you know must correct, its upsetting. Upsetting to what? ----- Our pride. Yes, this is a pride problem.
      2. A since of belonging. Some people cannot or will not be comfortable outside a group. It truly is a flock of birds. The birds turn this way or that, and you see the whole flock bend in the wind, beautiful really. But the problem is, this is following the world. People say they love Yah, and trust Yah. But as soon as the Word tells us to be or do something that goes against the world, we, as people get very nervose. This means, you will have to turn from the flock of birds and fly your own coarse, Guided by Yah of course. But, Here is the issue, comfort or belonging. The world, Science, says its a Ball, a Globe. But Yah says in his word, its flat, mounted on four pillars, it shall not move. Many references to a stationary place. And then, the fermiment, under a dome. This is What the Master tells us. So if this makes you feel uncomfortable, you really need to ask yourself why? Is it because your friends will laugh, your family will laugh at you. The world would point and say, "can you believe what this guy thinks?" Well my friends ------------ You are already supposed to be in that place, having the world point at you and say, this guy believes something different. Yah calls us to be set apart, not rolling along in Satans world. We are called to be followers of the word. I do undestabd the problem folks and I'm not beating up on you. It truly is a very strange thing to get our heads around. But I suggest to you, it is a call out. See what Yah has to show you in this. Don't yell and scream and get upset at those that now see a flat earth, but just keep taking it to Yah, and ask him, show me, show me your whole truth, I want to know. Thier is a vs in matherw that says, keep asking, keep persuing, and it shall be given to you. People, it is scary to realize, but it is also the BIGGEST blessing, becuase it makes Yah so much more alive, vibrant, amazing, and truthful to realize, we are not a one in many random act, but a very purposeful and wonderfully designed pplace, to attend Yahs Kindergaten. Be at peace, don't fight about it, but pray for the understanding of his wonders. I love you all, on a Globe, or on a plain.

    3. Wow and I thought Matthew Johnson was crazy...

    4. Trying to get creative Stutard?

    5. There's actually more evidence for a flat earth than there is for bigfoot. What does that tell you? Ha ha ha!

    6. You're smoking a record amount of pot.

    7. And that you're as bat sh*t crazy as we already thought.

    8. Haha you Rock,Stuey...the imbecilitards are rattled and feigning indifference ... but they still need to comment...hahaha

      Vive le Stuey

    9. Stuey Rules !! Superfriends Drool !!


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