Saturday, July 8, 2017

Does Tim Fasano Have Footage of a Skunk Ape?

Tim Fasano recently posted, and removed, a video from youtube claiming a skunk ape had attacked one of his cameras. Now he's saying the video had been edited, and that he is reposting it in it's entirety. Does he have footage of an actual skunk ape?


  1. Replies
    1. Tim fasano is a big fat QUEER.

      Stacy brown

  2. I assume Tim took the video down from here, and who can blame him, with all the jerk awfs(sic) who have systematically worked so diligently to try and destroy this site with their childish and really just useless inane behavior. With all that they have tried to do here, the good news is that none of it has worked, not one mind has been changed, and the hunt continues as the truth gets ever closer.

  3. Tim Fasano is a lying sack of shit.
    A short fat lying sack of shit.