Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Canoers Scared By White Bigfoot

From Blayne Tyler:

A Finding Sasquatch Report. - Summer of 95/96 two boys (brothers) were out canoeing at their cottage in S/E Ontario. They spotted a white or grey Sasquatch standing at the shore watching them. Witness describe the Bigfoot as between 6-7 feet tall, covered in dirty white hair with brown skin face with large dark brown eyes that had an Ape like face. After the older brother (Justin) spotted it he alerted his younger brother (Christian) to look. The Sasquatch then took off running back into the trees in which the younger brother also witnessed. Also the fisherman mentioned spooking a large heavy animal a few years back that made very heavy footfall sounds as it tore (too large to be a black bear) through the bush upon discovery in general area. The encounter was confirmed by his friend during discussion of these encounters which convinced me to record and post this video.

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