Thursday, June 29, 2017

Encounters With The Dogman

From the Supernaturalist Channel:

4 Encounters with Dogman In the first encounter, a man tells of the dogman howls that he's been hearing in his hometown in Wisconsin and of a family's friends encounter with a dogman on the side of the road. We all know there is a dogman in Wisconsin, is this what he's hearing?

In the second story, a girl tells of her encounter with an upright canine creature that was stalking her and her brother from the treeline near a bridge close to her own home. Why were they stalked by a dogman? She thinks it was just curious.

In the third story, the same girl tells about her boyfriend's encounter with a werewolf like creature as it stalked his car only to run off to give chase to a deer.

In the fourth story, a boy tells of his encounter with an upright canine in Michigan. Was it the infamous Michigan dogman encounter that everyoen knows about? This dogman attacked a deer right in front of them. Now he hears unearthly howls at night.


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