Friday, June 30, 2017

Bigfooter Has More Tricks Up His Sleeve

Robert Dodson checks out his area for newly left evidence. He's added a few things, including a partial shelter, that the bigfoot don't seem to like.


  1. Bisexual here. Never understood what he was trying to accomplish. I'm sure some LGBT members like Peter think voted for him but I suspect it was a tiny percentage.
    Ive always felt democrats would be the ones to secure LGBT rights and I will never listen to a republican on this particular issue over a democrat. It's under democrats all our rights have been secured. I've made my position clear on economic issues, but on THIS issue the LGBT community shouldn't overthink. Democrats want your vote and will continue to protect and secure further rights accordingly, republicans will not.
    On a side note I'm deeply ashamed of their for his support of trump.

    1. Most definitely the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker. Not just due to the physical brutality (violently raping bound women and, later on, beating them and their boyfriends/husbands to death with items from their own homes) but also the psychological brutality.
      He would tell victims he was only in their houses for money, and that he'd leave them unharmed if they followed his demands (presumably so he could see their relief turn to terror when they realized his true intentions). He would rape women in front of their helpless spouses. He would stack dishes on their spouses' backs and say he'd kill everyone in the house if he heard them rattle at all. He would call his rape victims for years afterwards to taunt and berate them.
      The EAR/ONS was truly the stuff of nightmares, far more brutal and frightening than any horror movie.

    2. Kind of a cliché, but the Black Dahlia Murder. It's like something right out of a pulp novel. Elizabeth Short, a pretty young woman from a small town moves to LA with stars in her eyes. She's found by the side of the road, literally cut in half, her mouth sliced ear to ear. At least one account I've read claims fecal matter was found in her throat, suggesting she was Force-fed her own fecal matter. Her anus was stuffed with slices of her own flesh.
      All of it against the backdrop of Los Angeles right at the beginning of its "Hollywoodland Era".

    3. 6:16 Thanks for reminding me "It's Tea time",,

      Barret Sanders
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  2. Murder of Shirley Ledford. I've read the transcript and watched the video where you can hear her screams for a few moments. It will change you. I think I would also say Sylvia Likens and Junko Furata.