Friday, June 9, 2017

Bigfoot Slaps Investigator In The Head

From the Paranormal Central podcast:

We recount our experiences with Bigfoot Memorial Day weekend 2017. Jeff got slapped in the head, and lots of activity!!


  1. Now this is a great post. Bigfoot comedy. Bigfoot smacks an "investigator" in the head.

    You don't have to run around in the woods pretending theres a bigfoot or make fake prints or publish a fake paper. Just do a comedy skit on bigfoot.

    Your life shouldnt revolve around pretending a fake creature is real....and if you have the strong need to pretend a mythical creature is real you should try to figure out why.

  2. No, I don’t believe that Bigfoot exists. I just believe it is possible. What’s more, I believe in Bigfoot. I believe in Bigfoot the way I would believe in a friend’s innocence even if I didn’t believe that he was innocent. The idea of Bigfoot thrills me. The inkling that something so exotic exists, that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in my philosophy, fills me with wide-eyed wonder. And philosophy, after all, begins in wonder.

    Time is running out for Bigfoot, though. Everyone has a camera all the time. No longer is it credible to say “I saw Bigfoot but I didn’t get a picture.” At a certain point an unlikely investigation becomes a fruitless search. Personally, I’m giving it ten more years. Mind you, I won’t be out in the woods tracking, but I will be on the remote surfing. And if those intrepid cable-TV guys don’t find anything in ten years I may become disenchanted with this world and myself. I may have to go back to rooting for the Wales national football team.


    1. Bravo, iktomi! You have truly grown.

    2. Haints @6:13. What a lonely desperate moron.

    3. Lonely desperate morons are the bitter bigfoot clingers.

      Let it go.

      Let us make this a bigfoot horror genre blog.

      Let's end this silly bigfoot role play.