Monday, June 19, 2017

Bigfoot Camera Catches Something In The Deep Swamps

From the youtube channel of Tim Fasano:

Chris and Mark of "Trail To Bigfoot" were photographed by one of our trail cams in the Green Swamp. We have been running a project for years called "Deep Skunk" and have deployed about 20 permanent position cameras in key areas deep within known hot areas. These areas are vital, for all indicators show Skunk Ape activity. The fact that they walked past one of our cams is extraordinary. This would not be an easy task for you would have to bike or hike for miles, and then, go way off trail to be made by our camera. This means they are willing to go miles into deep jungle for this research. At the end, you will see our camera crew walk by as the cam was retrieved. (Yes, we have a camera crew for a secret TV project)


  1. Gimlin seems to be a dolt. The famous hoax should be called Patterson/Morris film.

    1. Does it make you feel hollow and tragic when you realize that nobody- not a single human being, gives a rats ass what your opinion is? YOU REALLY AREN'T IMPORTANT.

      Now go cry, you've spent a lot of years here under those grandious delusions. Then get a f*ng life. (You may require some psychiatric intervention)

    2. Projecting^

      Your mum making you sleep on the couch again, mate?

    3. Hey mates, I had a cute bloke over to my flat today and he really fancied exploring my "Deep Swamps" !


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