Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bigfoot and Orbs on Finding Bigfoot

A man sees an orb right before a bigfoot shows up. Coincidence? Finding Bigfoot investigates.


  1. I have seen a white glowing orb and a Bigfoot cloaking along with tree knocks at night near Clayton Ga while camping next to a trout stream. They are all over The N Ga mountains.

  2. Several experienced Bigfoot researchers have watched a Bigfoot turn into an orb. As has also the U.S. Government, which of course is why the paranormal Bigfoot is TOP SECRET. As many have witnessed, card carrying Flesh & Blood researchers like Todd Neiss, go ballistic when the subject of Bigfoot being paranormal is put in their face. Other researchers whose Federal retirement is dependent on them protecting Federal Top Secrets like Kathy Strain and her easy to anger husband Bob Strain, also go ballistic when it is pointed out that in the past, both have stated that Bigfoot is paranormal (Olympic BFRO expedition August & October 2004). We also have the liars like Matt Moneymaker who for purposes of putting money in his pocket, denies that Bigfoot is paranormal. And then we have the off the shelf persons who have a learned mental phobia against the mere thought of a telepathic, invisible, 800lb hairy biped standing right next to them in the dark forest at night. These persons usually have other mental/insecurity issues as well and have so far maintained a cherry picking field study technique where they get to not enter in their notebook/memory banks, any and all evidence that might be a Bigfoot, IF THEY CANNOT SEE IT. This way, they get to continue to live in denial of what scares the hell out of them, and causes them to crap their pants/panties. Even though they call themselves researchers who follow the scientific method of evidence collection, when they utilize these cherry picking evidence recording techniques, they are anything but legitimate researchers. They are just glorified forest tourists who still don't have a clue as to what they are dealing with.

    1. ^ i watched Jotomi turn into a drivelling ,snivelling piece of liquid shit.