Wednesday, June 7, 2017

American Bigfoot Movie Trailer

From Flick Media:

AMERICAN BIGFOOT A.k.a KAMPOUT Trailer (2017) | Adventure, Horror Movie

PLOT: Enraged by the murder of it's offspring, a Bigfoot rampages through the countryside of Southeast Ohio. Detective Benson (Zach Galligan), Ranger Thomas (Johnny Lechner) and Bigfoot researcher Hank (Dave Sherrill) scramble to locate the legendary creature before it attacks a group of teenagers on a camping trip in an isolated place called Kampout.

Release: 4 July 2017 (USA)



    Now don't get your tailpipe lube out just yet Barret. It could just be your ex boyfriend


  2. This is more the direction we want to go in, more movie/entertainment and bigfoot as a horror genre and less role play, but not totally eliminate it.

    We'd encourage Youtubers to make their narratives and filming styles more horror movie-like rather than you're a researcher forever looking but always finding nothing.

    Some of the other blogs and websites want to move in that direction as well.