Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Independence Day Bigfoot Video Revisited

Parabreakdown revisits one of the most popular bigfoot videos on the Internet, the Independence Day Bigfoot footage. Lots of people think this is the real thing.


  1. Breaking News...Bigfoot never existed.

    The new "stellar" "evidence" is that Nancy Smelldrum named footprints Homo Arboleas Fakeus because Yeren/Bigfoot hoaxers fooled Nancy....again.

  2. A hoaxed video. Why do you waste your time posting this crap ?
    If you want real honest to goodness research I have it !
    I am on the trail of barkman , been seeing them all the time now !
    Spectacular sighting captured on video !
    *** Mind blown !***

    Mega Kaboom !

    1. Yes Ds your mind is blown.... to smitherines. Wait... is it a naked Barkman?

      Mega Kaplop!

    2. you're just jealous because you're too lazy to do any research. I have over 2,000 photos compared to your zero !
      It took me years to become a forest zen master while it took you years to become a couch potato
      Go into the woods and get some photos and then after some years you can get close to experts only level

  3. A breakdown is needed? This is so obviously fake that it boggles the mind that anyone fell for this.

  4. sorry this is a real BF. Phil does another lazy job of a breakdown. its real