Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Eleven Foot Tall Bigfoot

Things get spooky after dark, especially in areas known to have 11 foot tall bigfoot roaming around.


  1. First. First. First. I don't have a life I draw sketchy drawings with crayons on stumps and shadows all day long. Mum even brings my cereal down to my room so I don't have to leave the basement at all and keep working on my Bigfoot scams.. She says I am her little Dr Squat

    1. 2:23 be careful and try not to trip on your Crotch Mop!

    2. 2:23 all you have to do is go out and in 5 minutes take a pic like I do, and you'll make me look like an idiot! What are you waiting for Douchebag? Dont wait for Ikdummy, PIB, or Vegas, because they are epic failures!