Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bigfoot Origin Theory

From the CryptoWatch:

When it comes to the origins of bigfoot, there are many theories and opinions. There are a few theories that people tie to the bible. In this episode, I talk about and give my opinion on one of the more popular theories that ties bigfoot to the biblical man named Esau. Also in the episode I show you a new gadget I recently purchased that might just come in handy on those long hiking or camping trips.


  1. I thought Dr. Johnson said that bigfoot are from another planet and come to earth via portals.

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  3. Opinions are like arsholes, everybody has one. Until you have spoke with the Bigfoot, either telepathically or otherwise, you are completely wasting your time in making any speculation, and especially wasting your time in attempting to tie them into the Bible. Thank God.

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