Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bigfoot In The Bridgewater Triangle

From Sasquatch: Out of the Shadows - 

The infamous area of Massachusetts known as the "Bridgewater Triangle" has long been a hub of strange paranormal activity, including sightings of a Bigfoot like creature deep within it's swamps. Witness and researcher Joseph Deandrade recounts his encounters and some of the strange tales he has heard about people encountering Bigfoot in the Bridgewater Triangle.


  1. This summer I will have been researching sasquatch for 27 years. Athough not my profession I have held a keen interest in biology especially ecosystems. I have spent countless hours out in the field, reading literature, even interviewing eyewitnesses and following any bigfoot related media I could find.

    As the years fall behind me my enthusiasm for the subject has slowly faded with each and every disapointment, dead end, charlatan and wild claim.

    Despite having an open mind in all my years I have never come across a single piece of evidence that has convinced me it could have come from such a species.

    With my own shortcomings in the field I looked at what others were doing who could perhaps get into the more remote areas that I couldnt. But nothing has come from these people either. Blurry tree pictures? No thanks.

    Each promised "evidence will be released soon" has turned out to be nothing. Biscardi, Dyer, Meldrum, BFRO, Standing, Ketchum, Sykes, Smeja, Brian Brown, Johnson the list goes on. No end in sight and ultimately no definitive bigfoot evidence.

    I always held out hope that in this sea of madness technology would catch up and these elusive creatures would no longer be able to hide (how can a 9 foot hominid hide its heat signature from an aerial thermal survey for example). What we actually find is further excuses from proponants, of which I myself am guilty, of applying impossible attributes to try to explain away why we have no substantiated evidence. This which I have now realised is a one way road to insanity (see dr johnson).

    With everything said and done I have made up my mind on the subject. There simply is no such species.


    1. 2 WORDS Doc melbrum,,,,


      Schooled Boyo.

    2. Wow--a Jeff Meldrum impersonator. And a poor one at that! "Not a single piece of evidence"?!? What about the hundreds of tracks and trackways that Meldrum has documented? AND do you really think Meldrum would refer to himself, in a list after Biscardi and Dyer, as "Meldrum"? Poor execution on your impersonation.

    3. JM I have reached the same conclusion after an interest in the subject of over 15 years. Although I never did the research that you have, I can no longer even entertain the possibility (at least in the continental United States). My interest now extends to those who continue to believe. I don't believe they can all be outright lying however I think they are mistaken in their assertions. In spite of what is being put forward there is NO strong evidence to prove conclusively they exist - period.

      Believers such as Dr. Johnson do hold a certain fascination for me because they seem to actually have followers who endorse them in spite of the most ridiculous claims. You are correct - no end to belief is in sight despite all the years passing with no proof.

    4. Smelldactylus, Meldrum has always referred to himself in the first person. He is on record calling himself "The Meld" and "Meldy".

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