Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bigfoot Hunter Braves The Dark For Investigation - Look What Happened

Robert Dodson and company hit the trails after dark to try and catch the bigfoot creatures when they are most active. I think I would have stayed by the campfire.


  1. Squat Haiku"

    His name is nurse squat
    Nurse Squat likes drawing pee-pees
    10 views in a week

  2. It's now a toss-up which of the videos is the most mind numbing - Kelly Shaw's road trips or Robert Dodson's pathetic attempts. I say give Dr. Squatch a shot. It can't get any worse.

    Can it???

    1. For real. Squatch's vidz will have 100 of comments as the guy is a legend around here. They will get more views because he is now making them X rated.

      It is kinda silly they give Dodson and Kelly and not Doc.

    2. 5:53 ,I ALSO find it Pitiful! That This,This jealously is so mind numbingly Blatant,,,,,

    3. I would rather promote mind numbing over batsh*t crazy. Of course your choices are limited in the Bigfoot world.

    4. You can have both. Plus, batshit is more fun.

  3. this guy needs some medical attention, rapid fashion