Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bigfoot History of Alaska

From the Paranormal Junkie youtube channel comes the history of bigfoot in Alaska.


  1. Dr. Robert Alley, a retired professor of Anatomy and Physiology has been a Sasquatch researcher since 1974, holds degrees in anthropology, physical therapy and chiropractic, and is best known as the author of “Raincoast Sasquatch,” an excellent introduction to sasquatches in general, and particularly to the surprisingly rich historical reports, Native beliefs, as well as continuing reports and evidence of Sasquatches in the Pacific coastal rain forests.

    While travelling as a provider of rehabilitative health care in British Columbia, Alberta, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Louisiana, Alley worked with sasquatch/bigfoot investigators such as Thomas Steenburg, Rene Dahinden Dr. Grover Krantz and others. He has personally investigated reports from Florida to Quebec, California to Alaska and the Northwest Territories and is especially interested in forensic evidence such as hair, tracks and hand prints as well as forensic art and witnesses’ descriptions of wild hominids, reported eye-shine and their behavior.

    In a forthcoming book, “Wild Men of the North,” Alley compares current and historical reports of sasquatches across the northern and subarctic forests of Western Canada, Alaska.

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