Monday, May 1, 2017

Bigfoot Encounters on a Mississippi Farm

Here's some rare stories of bigfoot encounters that took place on a rural Mississippi farm.


  1. huhhuhuhhuh i remember a really funny time when we wuz all going back to my mate`s gaff and once there most of the men fell asleep coz they wuz sloshed..then one by one the women went to sleep until there wuz jes` me and my pal`s girl..we got to talking and then we thought it would be waste to let such an "opportunity" pass by so we slipped off upstairs leaving a bundle of sleeping bodies downstairs..while we was very wide awake in a room all on our own..we wuz in there until the dawn and heard somebody using the loo so we crept back down and nobody wuz any the wiser..hahahahah hahahahah