Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bigfoot Documentaries Do Not Get Much Better Than This

Dr. Jeff Meldrum shared this on his Facebook page today, the bigfoot classic, In Search Of.


  1. A young Grover Krantz?i would say r.i.p. but His skeleton is on display somewhere in the Washington area. It was once with his Irish wolf hound skeleton. Good stuff!

  2. Just go into the woods and blast one with a machine gun.

  3. Without mental case ikdummy, who beckons to your every post, this dump becomes snooze central.

    Come back ikdummy, I think you were on to something about similarities between the midtarsal pressure ridge of the Chinese Yeren and the ichnotaxon Anthropoidipes ameriborealis.

    Big words DO make all the difference. I believe! I believe!

    1. Keep wasting your life and time crazy stalker. You really don't mean that much to him.

    2. 12:31 Well, what am I supposed to do? You won't answer my calls, you change your number. I mean, I'm not gonna be ignored, Iktomi!

  4. That thief Meldrum should never be taken seriously !
    The search is over, I find bigfoot and dogman every day all day long !
    Just yesterday I found a whole freaking nest of them !
    For those wondering where they sleep , here is your answer.
    My game changing research is going to change the way we look at bigfoot forever !


    1. Doctor Squatch

      I think that this is a good time for me to chime in. While I believe you to have a reasonable chiropractic practice in the Pittsburgh area of the great state of Pennsylvania, I do not believe that your expertise of cryptids approaches the level of, say, Grover Krantz, Dr. Bindernagel, or myself. Our schooling is directly applicable to our Sasquatch research. We are not going off on a tangent when we research Sasquatch, it is along the lines of what we ordinarily do. While there are quick learners to this type of research, it is the consensus of researchers like myself, including myself, that you do not rise to the level that we have established over the last 50 or so years.

      Cryptozoologist and Sasquatch expert is a very exclusive club reserved for those who have paid their dues in the field and in the lab adhering to time tested methodology. If you continue to post on this blog, I will entertain the idea of contacting the blog administrator and suggest a kind of "it's either him or me" proposition.

      What say you, Bigfoot Evidence Blog fans, would you like me to become more of a presence on this blog?


    2. Jeffrey, I prefer DS, to be honest. You haven't had much of a presence here and you don't seem to spend much time in the field. Ikdummy seems to be your only fan. Can you never post here again.....ever?

    3. DS is a troll paid to discredit the subject of bigfoot with his imaginary cartoon characters xx

    4. Although to be fair he's good for a laugh :) xx

    5. Unlike you PIB, I am not a troll !
      You are just jealous because you have zero photos compared to my 2,000 !
      I have a thick skin so i know when you're the best people will try to bring you down. It's not working
      What is working is my research
      No one can replicate this
      Baby dogman barkman !
      Have you ever seen anything so fantastic ?

      ***Super nice and cute as a button***
      Awesome sauce !


    6. Fake DS you crack me up!
      PIB you have zero proof for whatever claims you make, sicko! So funny you can't get off your fat butt and replicate any pics I have. Why is that? Only takes me 5 minutes?

  5. In search of is a series worth owning.